Pictures of Harriet Tubman

Pictures Of The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman House
Harriet Tubman House

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Harriet Tubman Posters

John Tubman Small
Harriet Tubman Family Life
Harriet Tubman Family Life

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Conductor On The Underground Railroad
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Joseph says:

that looks cool

duma shange says:

Harriet Tubman definitely freed more than 70 slaves. Harriet Tubman in her own words, " I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if they knew they were slaves."

Silvia Bernard says:

Hi my name is Silvia I was searching for Mrs. Harriet pictures I came across yours I love them thank you very much

amberearly says:


rex says:


elaydranike says:

sorr for the miss spelled words i was writing to fast and any way i am going to answer starfire question she looks like et because she works unlike you you dont know how its like to be a slave so if i was you i would take that back because you are going to have a short life she have been dead 101 years and you still dont respect her shame of you all i got to say is i pray for you.

elaydranike mcneal says:

harriet was strong and brave i honor her with bravery and respect and i hate to say she had guts to stand uo for what she bleivednin in in i like that its been101 yrs seens she been died and we still know her until this day.

lundon says:


breyana says:

why was Harriet Tubman beaten while she was a slave.

Sharon Simmons says:

Looks are deceiving. Especially when it comes to a Powerful, Great, Courageous, Strong, & Beautiful; BLACK WOMAN: Better Known As: Mrs. Harriet TubMan... She's My Idol, & Heroe... Now Put This In Your Pipe & Smoke It Babyyyyyyyy!!!

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